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+Baby & Beyond Books, Promoting Positive Thinking & Supporting Mental Health
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+Baby & Beyond Books, Promoting Positive Thinking & Supporting Mental Health

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+Baby and Beyond was imagined one evening at our kitchen table, born from the desire to support and encourage good mental health discussions from an early age.

As a new, first-time parent, it was and still is, a very daunting task. One where you’re never really sure if you’re doing the right thing but always hoping that you are.
"The time spent sharing books with your baby also allows you to bond with them and is good for emotional wellbeing,"
extract from the NHS (Baby and Toddler play article), goes on to say,
"Even before babies learn to speak, they will enjoy hearing you read to them. Listening to you will give them a feel for the sounds, rhythms and rhymes of language. Even small babies like looking at picture books."

However, with one in eight (12.8%) 5 to 19-year-olds experiencing a mental disorder, it's more important than ever that we find a way to promote self-care, self-worth and body positivity to children from an early age.

Our mission is to create a board book series for Babies and Toddlers that looks at expanding confidence in children from day one. Helping to break gender stereotypes, boost self-esteem and promote positive thinking.

Collaborating with talented UK illustrators the books will be a bespoke affirmation collection that you can read to your child night after night to increase their confidence while supporting to stimulate your child's imagination and expand their understanding of the world in a new and positive way.

After successful Crowdfunding, we are delighted to bring our first book in the A/W 2020. Discover the range of prints, gifts and pre-order our latest books here.